A Plot for a Hive

Living in an apartment in the middle of town meant that I had to find an out-apiary for my bees; a task much easier said than done.

Once I knew I was looking for a hive site, it became almost like an obsession, the drive to and from work had changed forever. Every drive and every walk became a treasure hunt for that perfect site. One was too close to the road, the other too exposed to vandalism, some were too close to pedestrians. The list was endless. Another thing I was not prepared for was the amount of rejections I was going to receive. I learned very early on that leaving a note when the owner didn’t answer didn’t work – I just got ignored. Wasted paper and ink. Some of the landowners just outright didn’t want anything to do with bees. This was also heightened when the landowner was a company with employees on site. Given common misconceptions about bees I can understand why they would be considered a risk, but the number was still shocking.After looking around and asking other members, I finally found a plot for my hive on the grounds of a lovely hotel, next to a woodland forest.

The empty hive was set up as a bait hive, it was early May and swarm season was upon us after all; I had to take the chance. After placing the hive in the shared location, I let the other beekeeper know that I was off on holiday for the next two weeks and to please keep an eye on the hive.After two AMAZING weeks in South Korea, we had arrived back in the UK on the 20th of May. That was when I received via text some of the most exciting news of my life.

I was at last a real beekeeper ! My girls had arrived to me and now I could care for them and learn about their magical world.

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