M&S English Spring Honey

M&S English Spring Honey

My partner picked this jar up back in April, from the local M&S shop. He was not prompted by me, which means I am slowly yet successfully turning him into a honey connoisseur, or just a picky honey eater.

This honey was in M&S and disappeared just as suddenly as it appeared. It is a light (yellow more than orange) coloured, set honey made from the spring blossoms of England.

It has a woody, comb-like smell that is thick and engulfing. At first it seems a very discreet smell, until you give it a chance to properly enter your nostrils – then you realise how thick and rich the smell of this honey is.

Just as the smell suggests, the flavour is full yet light (it is not particularly strong or unusual). It reminds me of the taste of a sweet, hard candy that has reached the end and you crunch it up to release that last morsel of flavour.

The flavour lasts a long time in your mouth with a mouth watering aftertaste. This is probably due to the texture of this dry honey. It melts almost instantaneously in your mouth with a silky texture all over your mouth and lips as you lick them (to make sure you got it all of course).

I have also tried it spread thinly on a warm piece of toast. Unfortunately, the flavour was not strong enough to overpower the taste of the bread and unless I spread more next time, I will not be using this honey for my toast.

Being an English spring honey, I unfortunately don’t expect to be able to buy it again under this brand until next year.

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