#009 Super!

Ah, this inspection had a little surprise in store for us (yes, I have taken Jamil as my personal photographer), which I can’t wait to show you. But first, a quick update on the inspection itself.

Finally, honey in the super!

During last week’s inspection, I had spotted what I thought might be a trend. It seemed as though my bees had changed their 2018 Q3 goals from population growth to stock control. In fact, during this inspection, my theory was confirmed. The ratio of brood frames to honey has shifted again in favour of the honey. The colony is in fact so serious about building up stock, they have finally started filling the super as well! This is great news for me as the available nectar starts to reduce and the bees will need to store as much as possible now, before winter finally creeps onto us.

Not seeing the queen, means I have to be sure to see all stages of brood

They have also collected more pollen than last time, and are actually making “bee bread” (a mixture of honey and pollen), which will preserve the pollen for longer. Why else would they be preserving pollen, other than because they don’t plan on having more brood to feed? So, there it is – I am now convinced that they are definitely preparing for winter.


Now for the surprise. On my way back from the apiary, I collected Jamil’s jacket and with it, a young bee that was adamant on hitching a ride. I brought her back with me and we had a little time together, getting to know each other. She explored my hand for a bit, then groomed herself for a bit, then back to exploring, until the love was spread all over and she just flew away.

I hope you enjoy these captured moments, as much as we did.

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5 responses to “#009 Super!”

    • Absolutely, it is a wonderful journey trying to understand their plans and next goals before the colony reveals them. In some cases, not thinking ahead of the bees can be all it takes to form a mistake.


  1. More cleaver than humans…. preparing for winter, gathering food….leaving breeding for more predictable times. Wonder if your little friend found her way back home.
    Love your stories and the photos are great too. Xxxx

    Liked by 2 people

    • Thank you so much Anna, Jamil shot them 🙂
      Yes, I am currently reading books about their behaviour and their understanding of their surroundings is incredible. I am sure she did, it was coming close to bed time soon anyway xx


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